A log home or log summer cottage is an attractive building with healthy microclimate. Typical average construction period is about 1.5 to 3 months, and a price is lower than a brick type building. Due to its special properties, the logs accumulate excess moisture, which allows you to feel good in the building even at 17 degrees Celsius, so you will feel fresh air in the summer and warmth in the winter. Proper installation of wiring systems and the processing of logs by special protection materials against fire, the probability of fire in the building is extremely low. A log houses are especially suitable for people with respiratory problems, since there is no static electric load in the log house, which makes dust appear in the air.    
One of the most important factors in building a high-quality log house is the selection and preparation of materials, house design and professional work. For the construction of the house we can offer both wet and dry wood, depending on your needs - the design of the building and other factors. In most cases, the length of logs is up to 6 meters, but if you request a longer wall, designers should provide a compensatory internal partition wall. The thickness of the logs can range from 70 mm to 220 mm, and you can also choose glued logs that have a lot of advantages compared to the solid logs.

We pay a lot of attention to the selection and processing of wood. Long-term experience allows us to quickly spot and prevent fungal damage to broken logs that could not been recognized by the inexperienced eye. When building a log house using a logs with fungus, the consequences would be tragic - the timber would rot. Experienced highly skilled craftsmen will be processing logs in a closed workshop using special machines. This allows us to protect the logs from unnecessary moisture, construct the house faster and avoid human errors. By carefully selecting the raw material, the quality of logging and corner cutting is equally important. This is especially important in order to prevent gaps in the walls appear after some time in the future. To make the insulation even better, we use insulation materials to build it between the logs. These can be natural linen, foam tapes, rock wool or other materials according to your needs.


Log sauna is a refreshment to the body and rest for the soul. No other sauna will match the cozy wood scent, natural logs, brownish-yellow mature wood color. In the sauna, which is constructed of thicker logs, it is possible to plan living rooms, common spaces or outdoor entrances. In this way, the sauna will become not only a place to enjoy the pleasures of the SPA, but also a space for having some cosy time. After choosing a log bath options, you will no longer have to think about sauna siding or insulation. In a log sauna, timber absorbs excess vapor and automatically maintains constant moisture and prevents the accumulation of carbon dioxide inside the room. Timber also has a good heat accumulation and storage capability. Logs for the construction of a sauna should be resin free, leafy (shingles) or winter conifers (spruce). The sauna can be constructed from 15 cm or thicker logs, for example: 18, 20, 22 cm. There are a variety of available foundation types for a log sauna, but we recommend drilled foundations. It is important to consider the type of soil and determine the optimal depth of the drill. If the soil is usual - sand, gravel - 120 cm is enough. Diameter can be 20 - 25 cm. Foundation horizontal parts must be insulated with a 5 cm insulating material, preferably extruded foam and waterproofing both horizontally (from groundwater) and vertically (protecting the log). Another option for the foundations is the foundation plate. It is a solid reinforced concrete molding on a compact gravel - sandy soil. Such foundations do not need to be completed, but drainage systems must be installed as much as possible. 

Log sauna construction package includes:

 one-story sauna, produced in workshop, starting from 6x6 m dimensions and 18cm diameter grinded logs 
 roof construction - beams, longitudinal, rafters
 impregnation for mold and atmospheric protection
delivery to the object in the region of eastern Lithuania

Log sauna construction optional services:

 floor boards
 outdoor paneling
 lathes
 girders of various dimensions
our partner help for various finishing jobs

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